Novernet Network



While the main objective is to enjoy your experience on IRC, there are some specifics:

These rules are subject to change without notice.

1. No Harassing users/irc operators

2. No Child Pornography (+18 only)

3. No Spoofing

4. No CTCP/Text Flooding

5. No clones. Eggdrops are allowed but must be friendly.

6. Don't ask for IRC Operator status

7. You must obey the rules of any channel

8. No attacks of any kind, trojan, nuke, icmp, ect. (Auto AKILL)

9. User created channel names must not advertise ILLEGAL activities (#warez, #hacksat, etc)

Bots that are NOT allowed on this network are:

!!!WAR Bots!!!
!!!FLOOD Bots!!!
!!!CLONE Bots!!!
Absolutely no bottler bots allowed!

When in doubt, just (/join #novernet) and ask :)

The terms "Denial of Service" or "nuke" describe a type of attack against computers connected to the Internet, causing the computer to disconnect or crash. These attacks are illegal under Title 18, United States Code (maximum fine $4,000 or up to 2 years imprisonment). Often the victims are people on Internet Relay Chat (IRC), but nuking is not part of IRC, so you can't get back at these people through IRC, nor can IRCops sanction them.

Do not disclose any information you consider to be private, i.e., passwords, credit card numbers, home address, telephone numbers or any other personal information. IRC is an open community that is not strictly monitored. Parents may wish to consider whether or not to allow their children to participate in IRC. Before using our IRC services, you should make sure you read all of the documentation available in the Chat Forum and understand the risks and responsibilities involved. Parents wishing to implement controls on their children's usage of IRC should visit a Security Tips site and consider implementing one of the Parental Controls offered there.